Hannukah Menorahwitz (umister) wrote in teamusa2008,
Hannukah Menorahwitz

Don't worry, you'll soon be rid of me and my continuous posts.

theannadoom got the admin of http://www.freshverse.com/tv.php to stream the WCS championships live! That's right ladies and gentlemen - if you so choose, you can find out the outcome same time as us, all for the low low price of waking up at 6AM Central Pacific time, 7AM Eastern time) Sunday, August third.

Edit: Dia and I are the best Umi cosplayers ever

Oh surprise, Sonnya and I are doing the school uniforms because 1)I'm a loser and packed badonkadonk-Umi improperly and the resin got all over everything and I'm too lazy to clean it 2) those stupid costumes take up entire bags by themselves and weigh a billion pounds.
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